Kestrel and cobweb N

PDI Round 1
PDI Division A


So - Richard didn't like the cobweb. What do you think?

He liked it well enough to give it 2nd place!  Don't think it would have been an issue if the top end of the cobweb was visible - it seems to be attached to the bird.  

Good point Maybeth - I'll ask the bird to move along a bit next time!!!

I wondered if it was a very slow kestrel or a very fast spider.

I wouldhave removed the cobweb but it wouldn't have influenced me either way.

Richard liked the green top but I would have suggested cropping below it.   Again, I don't think I would have been influenced much by it.

Cobweb or not?  

OK to remove it for club but not nature. 

Personally, I think it's OK. 

Asked it to move but it wasn't having it. 

Mick, didn't know whether to remove it from mine or not... 

Still love it, beautiful light