Wed 30 Aug 2017 7:30pm

This meeting will be in the Main Gallery where our 1000 People Exhibition is.  Doors open at 7:15 and at 7:30 (promptly) we will have a short opening "ceremony" for the exhibition.  Then we will send you out on the Photo Treasure Hunt to return at, or before 8:50, when you can hand over your photos for upload and have a good look round our FABULOUS exhibition.  There will be some seats for anyone infirm and/or who doesn't feel able to go out.  You don't have to go walking but please support te opening.

If you are going out, you will need to bring 5 things:

1. Pen (sharing optional)

2. Clip Board (sharing optional)

3. Camera

4. Camera Battery!

5. SD Card with some space on it!

And maybe an umbrella.

Gracefield Arts Centre
28 Edinburgh Rd
United Kingdom


Club Draw:

Last week's draw was won by Rod Wheelans; taking home £8.50, well done Rod.

So, this week is a fresh draw on a fresh sheet.

Please bring your £1s and have a modest flutter. Half the money staked goes to the winner, the rest goes into club funds to keep subscriptions down. If it's not won one week, then a consolation prize goes to the nearest person and there is a roll-over to the following draw. The roll-over only happens once, numbers are drawn until a winner appears.

It's £1 a go and you could win some of your annual subscription back.

**** To fit in with the treasure hunt my intention is to take your stake money right at the beginning; before you go out on the treasure hunt. The draw will then take place once you all come back.  *******

Thank-you and Good Luck.

Please make the effort to come tonight for our informal "official" opening, even if you did not contribute to the exhibition and/or are not intending to go out on the Treasure Hunt.

i will be there but not walking knee till painful

Sorry to hear that Tina, hope you're soon on the mend.

Bring money for shirts please.

It seemed that everyone who came enjoyed the night even if they felt unable to venture out.  Looking forward to the results.

Really sorry I couldn't make it on Wednesday evening. Finally managed to take a gander at the Gracefield Exhibitions yesterday. Numbers present during my visit - Don McCullin 1 (me), 1000 people 14 (many positive comments overheard). Great idea very well executed. Congratulations to all involved, especially Rod and Maybeth,