Change of Programme - Edmund Fellowes - photographs from Spitzbergen.

Wed 14 Dec 2011 12:00am

"How DO they do it?" has been postponed to a 11 January and will be VERY adequately replaced by Edmund
Also Hand In for the 3rd League Print* and the 3rd League PDI Competitions.

*You can also hand in at the Christmas Quiz.

Ian Findlay is accepting the Hand In of the Prints.


When do we need to give Joyce our print titles ?
Anybody help.

Prints -yes

Print Titles were due with Joyce by tomorrow so as soon as possible please.


Your at it again, this will only lead to confusion once again, wonder how many people don't know about this this time.
Members will automatically think (like i did the last time) that when you give them another week to hand in the prints it will be the same for the titles!

This really needs to be made more clear in future, like how about we make a deadline, and stick to it!

Submitted by gordon-rae on Tue 13 Dec 2011 11:25pm

Hi Mick,

Due to the weather my ferry to-day (Tues) got cancelled. That gave me time to sort out 4 pdi's. I'm re-scheduled to go to-morrow afternoon (Wed), so I'll be posting you a disk 1st class - hope that's OK.

Hope to get some material for the 4th PDI comp when I'm away.

The titles were due tomorrow so as soon as possible - next week will do but Joyce would probably like to get the job done before Christmas.

I can stick to deadlines but wasn't it you who asked for an extension?

Yes, i admit i did... (for the first print competition)

I'm sure every member who takes part in all the competitions is very grateful for a weeks extension to a hand in, but if we could just make it crystal clear to the members as to whether the extension is for the prints only, or for both the prints and the titles!

So, how about we announce at the club that the "syllabus hand in date" is the fixed deadline for the titles to Joyce, and if Rod announces an extension to the print hand in, well that would be his generousity......

Submitted by gordon-rae on Wed 14 Dec 2011 7:35am

So have I got another week then

we're working on something that will make submitting titles crystal clear in the future.

Edmund Great night worth seeing Thank you

cheers Edmund, brilliant as usual.

Great night Edmund, especially the Polar Bears, must be a great experience to be so close to such a fantastic creature.....

Thanks again....

Submitted by gordon-rae on Thu 15 Dec 2011 10:09am

Even better the second time around.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening Edmund. Seeing the World and nature via your knowledgeable eyes is a privilege.

If there's one night in our annual syllabus that I would move heaven and earth to attend it's a lecture by Edmund. After Wednesday evening my viewpoint has not altered. Both entertaining and informative on any number of levels, your enthusiasm is completely infectious. Thanks again Edmund.

Edmund presents Svalbard

Submitted by helen-airey on Thu, 15/12/2011 - 19:01

Great night! Edmund at his inimitable best fabulous photos, arctic foxes, icebergs, polar bears and windy Walrus's fantastic thankyou. It was a great way to spend a miserable Wednesday evening.


I heartily agree, thanks Edmund!

Submitted by anne-greiner on Thu, 15/12/2011 - 19:06.

To the land of the Walrus and that of Polar Bear
With camera in hand Edmund Fellows was there
bringing such photographic' delight
To entrance us all on Wednesday night.

Thank you Jim for proving the spirit of McGonagall is not dead.

Sorry I missed your show Edmund - I was not long off the ferry on the Isle of Man at the time.