Competitions + ‘A Glimpse of Nature’

Tue 30 Aug 2011 11:00pm

The Ins and Outs of entering Club competitions
Presentations by our Competition Secretaries, Mick & Rod.

‘A Glimpse of Nature’
In the second half a mini-Lecture by our own Edmund Fellowes MPAGB, some of the best Nature Photography around.


It would be sensible to read Competition Rules and the other items about Club Competitions before tonight so that you can clarify anything you don't understand.

Just brilliant Edmund thanks! Also, we've fine tuned the PDI instructions page which can be found here:

I thought it was a great mini-talk - even though it was all feathered!

Well - three sets of PDI entries in and only one was correct!!! Well done Margaret.

Is it worth pointing out the mistakes made just to reiterate and educate? We could arrange a brief interrogation and punishment regime later.

name and shame!

er .. I thought my idea was more subtle?

you do "subtle"?

How about in front of class next wednesday and send the miscreants to "naughty corner"

Thank you, but I think I have more practice than most checking and entering the externals for the club.