Four Corners

Tue 4 Oct 2011 11:00pm

The launch of the Pairs Project + ‘Four Corners’ - A chance to move around the meeting room receiving guidance on four diverse areas of photography from some of our more experienced members.
Well we actually have 5 and we think you may only have time to visit 3! That's a genuine evening designed by committee. Simon will correct me if I'm wrong but they will consist of a 'Sports' corner (or is it a Vertex on a Pentagon?). A 'what are the buttons on your camera' corner (you might want to bring your camera if you're interested in that one). A 'photoshop basics' corner. A 'workflow' corner. And something else I can't remember - but I think was added because the ‘Four Corners’ title was making too much sense.


Well I enjoyed it - and thank you to those who said nice things about my otters.

Great night - learning new things at each corner,thanks to all the guys presenting the evening.

Well done the 4x6 corners great night Thanks