How to Photograph People + Hand In for Print Annual

Tue 10 Apr 2012 11:00pm

with our very own Rod Wheelans FRPS MPAGB MFIAP FIPF HonPAGB HonSPF & Twice MPA Scottish Portrait Photographer of the Year.

A Projected show with lots of hints and tips for posing and photographing people in the studio and on location including family photography, weddings and photo travel.


A total maximum of 18 prints of which
no more than 12 Colour Prints and no more than 12 Monochrome Prints - so you could have (say) 12 CP and 6 MP but whatever the mix you can only enter 18 prints in all. You can enter fewer if you wish.
(The label will ask you to specify Open or Nature and these will be judged separately)

Label masters at

Label instructions at

As a new member, i would like to enter a few pics. Some would be a colour subject with a mono background. What would this be classed under??

That would be Colour.

Thanks Rod

A great talk Rod. I think I kept up ok. I really appreciated the field craft approach.