Nature on the Caul - Edmund Fellowes MPAGB FRPS

Wed 27 Aug 2014 6:30pm

<p>A great opening night.&nbsp;</p>


And the first Club Draw of the new season too! Still only £1 per go; half the money staked to the winner, the other half to club funds. As before, if the prize isn't won it rolls over for a second week, when it HAS to be won. There is a consolation prize if the main prize isn't won (not always a Jessops baseball hat). Thanks & Good Luck.

sadly gonna miss the first 2 weeks as away. 

It should be the Caul of nature.

Great talk Edmund and you didn't have to go abroad to get some stunning images. I knew there was wildlife at the Caul, but not this much. The perils of being too busy to just stop, look and appreciate what is on our doorstep. (Helps to be retired)

Definitely NOT 'Nil Points'.

Thanks Edmund.

Never under estimate what is on your doorstep and Edmund is the man to show you. Thanks Edmund for a very informative talk.

Really enjoyed your talk Edmund now I'm off to find some attractive twigs! 

Entertaining & informative talk as ever Edmund. Thanks Can only imagine what the local fishermen would say if a polar bear were to turn up at the Caul!

Great job Edmund. Good mix of humour and birdie information. It is always good to listen to an expert in his field (or river) even if it is not your own personal interest.

Good one Edmund. Really enjoyed it. I also thought it was pitched nicely to get beginners thinking about where and how to use their cameras.

.... this is the correct night.