Photography Improvement Group

Wed 1 Aug 2018 7:29pm

the challenge this time is a landscape, streetscape. Outdoors and not a portrait. People and animals can be present in the pic but not as the primary subject. 

Bring other new stuff if you like if we have time. 

Will you you be there John McL?  We could look at PDI too

Gracefield Arts Centre
28 Edinburgh Rd
United Kingdom


Thanks for a very good evening and thanks for all your hard work Rod 

Tina, I’ll make a date with John for us

I’d like to reiterate what Tina has said. Many thanks Rod. Informative and fun evening 

Very useful evening, thank you Rod.

that sounds good Teresa see you in Costa tomorrow

Thanks for last week Rod. Unfortunately away again next week so won't make it.

Submitted by les-fraser on Wed 18 Jul 2018 10:01pm

Sorry, Rod, I cannot make this week's class. I will be walking in the lakes and almost certainly won't be back in time.

Submitted by jim-reid on Sun 22 Jul 2018 11:36am

I am a bit confused is the next PIGs meeting still on wed 1st Aug or has it been changed to this week, wed 25th July?  Jean mentions B & W for the next meeting.  Do we bring any black and white photo?

I don't think Rod's available this week.

It was black and white outdoors

Hi, I thought we were to bring in an image that didn’t feature people? Not particularly B&W. 

I missed the last meeting so was wondering what we had to do for the next one. Thanks.

Sorry i have missed the last two meetings,

whats going on in the next one ?

I thought we said mono but colour will be OK

Ah didn’t realise it was mono. Thanks for clarifying 

Take a monocle to look at the colour prints through.

Ho Ho  :(

Yes Rod I can be there.

tx John.  Bring the magic lantern

Sorry again Rod. I cannot manage this week's class.

Submitted by jim-reid on Tue 31 Jul 2018 12:14pm