Photography Improvement Group - Still Life

Tue 8 Aug 2017 7:30pm

By request, this is a Still Life Workshop.  I will bring light but this is a self-help group so you should bring something to photograph, even if its fruit or flower.  Please confirm if you will attend.

Gracefield Arts Centre
28 Edinburgh Rd


how about setting up and lighting still life?

Submitted by les-fraser on Wed 26 Jul 2017 5:15pm

Still life sounds good to me

I will be there rod

I shall attend.

I think I'm now a 'no', other things have firmed up and definitely clash.

Hope it goes well, I've always wondered what turned it from just a collection of objects into a 'still life'.

I hope to be there but having visitors that day and not sure what time they will be going away...

I will be there

I will be there

Sorry, not going to make it tonight as my visitors still here.