The President Presents & Hand In PDI Annual

Wed 21 Mar 2012 12:00am


how many images can we hand in for the pdi's? is it still 10? only i can't remember

Mick and I are going to discuss the number

will it be obtional to how many up to 20 or will it have to be 20 exactly?

It will be up to a maximum of 18 prints and 15 PDI. You are encouraged to enter work for the specific trophies which are listed at

Do we enter PDI on 1 disc with 2 folders .15 in 1 & 3 in another for set theme.

John - and anybody else - please look in the syllabus section 22 April "Annual Judging" for all information regarding the Annual judging and how to enter. I have tried my best to explain how the PDIs will work.

The hand in for Prints starts here but you have 2 weeks leeway and the absolute latest date is 04 April. Titles do not need to be sent to Joyce and no list or catalogue is produced except for the eventual Award Winners..

A total maximum of 18 prints of which
no more than 12 Colour Prints and no more than 12 Monochrome Prints - so you could have (say) 12 CP and 6 MP but whatever the mix you can only enter 18 prints in all. You can enter fewer if you wish.
(The label will ask you to specify Open or Nature and these will be judged separately)

Label masters at

Label instructions at

The president presented rather well I thought! An evening that started with me thinking eh! and soon became oh! Cheers Jim.

Personally, a trip down memory lane from the Brownie Box onwards: remembering the various models Jim presented and recalling their appearances in the likes of bygone editions of the AP. With gold at $1650/oz, if that Hasselblad is of SOLID gold, I will buy the one Anne found for a few grand and melt it down ASAP! Thanks Jim for the tip. :)

An entertaining evening Jim with a grand finale. I'm trying to resist anything along the lines of the man with the golden camera

eh oh Ian - sound like a teletubbie

Submitted by ian-newton on Thu 22 Mar 2012 8:29pm

I feel like one sometimes too... cue next joke