Results of 1st League PDI Competition

Tue 11 Oct 2011 11:00pm

Judged by Peter Paterson FRPS MPAGB EFIAP from Tullibody.


You know Peter for his superb landscape work but night he will give his opinions on our pictures.

Peter is the immediate Past President of the SPF, a respected member of Edinburgh P.S. and an enthusiastic international exhibitor.

Of the six entries I received on Wednesday - 2 didn't have the images in folders, 1 had the folder named and an additional "1st comp' which should not be there, I had one image not resized. The rest were fine!!

Hi Mick
I will not be entering the first PDI
as I have to go to Kent for a while but hope
to do the next one

The image entry list is now available from our downloads page:

Print it out (either side of an A4 landscape and fold in half) and bring it along to mark the scores!

I had to correct a name and upload it again and then I should have changed the link.

Brilliant calibar of judge as always by the club, unfortunately i wont be able to make it on the night [the joys of working shifts as a nurse, not!] will the results be posted on the website rod?.

Joyce and Ian F will do that, usually pretty quick!

Might be a slight delay with the first one as we archive last year's pages first but once that's been set up then we've usually got the results up quite quickly.

PDI nothing to do with me. probably Mick Durham and Ian Findlay

Are we archiving the results from last season?

that's the plan!

You can view the results of the first PDI now. We've still got some pages to move into the archive and we'll get round to that. It seems crazy that it should take us this long but the pages aren't 'hard coded' and the website creates these pages itself after we upload the results spreadsheet. Rachel needed to change a lot of the code so that all the results entries now know what year it is and it should be plain sailing from now on ... he says.

All done now ... let us know if you spot any mistakes or unusual spacing/headings in the styles? We've gone through it all but you never know. Now that last year's Results have all moved on to an archive then those pages now have new URLs (i.e. the www...) and as a consequence there may be the odd internal link in an old comment that no longer works. If anybody ever spots a broken link then please let us know as it's easily fixed or just deleted.

There were a few mistakes in the PDI results but we've fixed those now.