Results of 1st League Print Competition

Tue 18 Oct 2011 11:00pm

Judged by Karen Berry ARPS from Livingston

Karen, a past President of Edinburgh P.S. and a member of the Royal Photo. Soc. LRPS panel, has judged the GB Cup here and has visited the club with her own excellent photographs.


Judgement Day!

Tonight .. the list is now available to download, print and bring ...

Results are now on the site.

Wow! Colour League A is very tight. 2 points from top to bottom (if you ignore Ian).

What the hell am I doing in this league/club????

Submitted by ian-newton on Thu 20 Oct 2011 7:39pm

Perhaps we should scrap a couple of print competitions and have AV competitions, would this suit you Ian?

You are serving a valuable function - the same one I had in the PDI last season - you are supporting the entire Division on your shoulders.

No AV comps - I don't want to lose them too.

Submitted by ian-newton on Mon 24 Oct 2011 9:01pm