Results of 4th League Print Competition

Wed 9 Mar 2011 12:00am

Judged by Pax Garabedian.

Pax has done a great job in the past and this year he will put the final touch to our leagues.

Competition list is now available from the downloads page:
Hand in PDI Annual Exhibition/Competition - Hand in PDI ONLY for President’s Challenge (theme is ‘water’)


If I've read this correctly there are 2 PDI hand-ins;
1 - Presidents Challenge on the theme of 'Water'
2 - the Annual, with the set theme category being 'Rain'.

Does that mean 2 separate disks and I'm unclear how one designates which image in which category - does the annual PDI have an entry form?

As well as Catherine's questions about the Annual, could anyone confirm

or otherwise if all the award categories (e.g. record/photo journalism) mentioned under club/competition rules have awards to compete for in the Prints and PDI sections.

Also is there any other entry info we need to be given?

If you go to 'The Club' and then on the right click on competition rules - then scroll down to the Annual and you will see the categories for both Print and PDI. These show the various awards but at this point I can't confirm if we have trophies for all the awards.

I will be talking about the Annual on Wednesday

Ronnie, the award categories for the Annual Competitions are as attached to the rules, to be found on this web site (The Club - Competition Rules).

Catherine, separate disks will be required for each competition (i.e. Annual Competition and President's Challenge). As far as the Annual Competition goes, you do not need to categorize the images. The judge will decide which images fits which category, when they come to choose the trophy winners.

Annual Print Comp.............. see for further details, size of entry, etc.

To add to Simon's post - you will need to add an 'N' to nature shots - which must be 'natural'.

The Annual PDI - Please see the website for the various categories. You can enter up to 6 images but you do not need to say which category they are going in, with the exception of Nature images (see below). The judge will decide which category she (it's Libby) thinks they are most suited to.
Name your images in the same way as normal:

Surname(space)First Name(no space)underscore(no space)Sequential number(space) Title

Example: Durham Mick_01 The Best Image ever

For Nature images (these must not be heavily manipulated or contain any 'additions) please add an 'N' to the end of the image name - as follows -

Durham Mick_01 Rabbit N

All images to be put in a folder with your name on (only your name - Surname/First Name - nothing like 'images for annual' added!!).

Hope this all makes sense.


The syllabus says that it is the PDI only hand in on the 9th

Have we been told how many images Edmund wants for the President's challenge or is it up to us?

Submitted by hazel-marr on Fri 4 Mar 2011 3:29pm

Can anyone answer Hazel's question above, because I'm not sure either?

He is looking for single images of course and I don't ever remember him specifying a limit on numbers.

I think a degree of commonsense is called for. If you are thinking of entering more than say 2 or 3, please make sure there is variety in your entry and not just a dozen different images of one waterfall. Also, Edmund did ask that entries comprise of images not previously seen at the club.

Print Leagues ..... Well done everyone.

Some very close overall results and even a two way tie.