Results of 4th League Print Competition

Wed 7 Mar 2012 12:00am

Judged by Gordon Jenkins from Chorley.


No list page so I still don't know what I've entered.

ok the link was broken but it really doesn't take much to find the page anyway - or post the correct link - or remember what you entered either for that matter!!

It dosen't seem too difficult to know what you entered - even without a list!

OOOOOOOOOOH get you2, lost a £ each. A right old double act.

There are the voices of rational thought and then there is you.

just ignore him Rod, short term memory anyway so he'll forget he even posted a comment unless we give him a list.

What list ?


Despite the incessant distraction of the air vent at the back of the room and the poor quality of the projected images, the judge retained the attention of those present thereby delivering an informative, entertaining evening and, without seeming to be unduly rushed, offered his advice for and views on every one of the considerable number of images confronting him to the apparent satisfaction of all who attended. To achieve that requires consummate skill and experience both in photography and public speaking.

Yes, Well done Gordon!

Lively, positive presentation Gordon, thanks.

Kept my attention from start to finish, very informative and entertaining.