SPF Portfolios

Wed 1 Feb 2012 12:00am

Plus hand in for 4th League Print AND PDI Competitions.


Hand In for prints ...

There is often a drop in entrants for the 4th Round of the League competitions but I'm not confident that this will happen this time. I think it is likely that you will be restricted to 3 prints in each category but it is not certain. I am happy for you to enter 4 but bear this in mind when numbering them. Remember to e-mail titles to Joyce please.

Is it ok to use images from the annual or is there any rule against that? I know it's repetition and apologies for that, but there's one I want to use and I'm running out of good images for the final round (shhh, don't tell Jim).

It is perfectly OK to use pictures from the Annual. I will use one.