Steven Le Prevost Presents

Wed 15 Feb 2012 12:00am

Lecture - Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB from Guernsey.


Splendid evening during which genial, cordial and witty Steven presented a comprehensive review of techniques he deploys for taking photographs into a different dimension. Few could possess his artistic vision for successfully producing similar digital images of the same calibre.

Just brilliant Steven, thanks.

When you've been looking forward to an event for such a long time, there is always the fear that you are going to be disappointed. Not a chance! Steven's presentation and the quality of his imaginative photography left me spellbound. Thanks for a wonderful evening Steven.

Great night ,Brilliant prints & a man with good taste when it comes to judging,Thanks Steven.

His personality and enthusiasm at the taking stage of the photographs was equally as enjoyable. I enjoyed your company yesterday Steven as well as the presentation at night.
Thanks for that

A most enjoyable, informative and inspirational evening. Steven is a man with imagination, vision and the ability to bring it all to fruition.

Loved the images, enjoyed the well presented "talk" and my complements also to Simon for a brilliant vote of thanks.