SPF Inter-Club PDI Championship

Sun 19 Nov 2023 10:00am

Join us to support the Club in Dunblane. 

Gracefield Arts Centre
28 Edinburgh Rd


Good news from the SPF PDI Championship - Dumfries CC was a close second at the competition in Dunblane.  Since we had already qualified for the 2024 PAGB Championship in Warwick, the winners (Kilmaurs PC) and third place club (Bon Accord) will also represent the SPF.

Images used in our two rounds were:

Car Parts Tbilisi - Anne Greiner

Kingfishers Mating - Edmund Fellowes

Just Missed - Maybeth Jamieson

Steady Gaze - Rod Wheelans

Tower of Peace - Dave Moyes

Stowaway - Ronnie Galloway

Leap - Rod Wheelans

Common Green Grasshopper - Mick Durham

Gabriel - Teresa Mitchell

Round-Up - Maybeth Jamieson

You Looking at me? - Rod Wheelans

Hard Highland Rain - Gordon Rae

The Eye - Dave Moyes

By the Stove - Anne Greiner

Scorpion Fly - Jean Robson

Spotty Slippers - Anne Greiner

Meadow Pipit Mobbing Cuckoo - Edmund Fellowes

Dune - Simon Allen

Freshly Caught - Gordon Rae

Final Touches - Maybeth Jamieson

All Downhill from Here - Maybeth Jamieson

In the Hood - Rod Wheelans

The Cowboy - John McVie

Trinity - Dave Moyes

Full results and the winning individual images can be found on the SPF website:


Could you tell us the scores of our photos used so we can update our records (for those who keep records)?