Diane Owen FRPS and Gordon Jenkins APAGB

Wed 4 Mar 2015 7:30pm

<p>details TBC</p>


The Club Draw returns! Please bring your £1s. Thank-you and Good Luck.

The last draw (on 11th Feb) didn't produce a winner; so it's a rollover, must be won, prize pot starts at £13. The consolation was won by Mary McIlvenna - a Jessops hat (just to prove I still have some!).

Thanks Diane and Gordon - a lot of fun and enthusiasm. I even enjoyed my moment of judging limelight at the front (for about a hundredth of a second!)

It was interesting to hear people comment. If a judge spoke so negatively about our photos, would we ask him/her back?

I think we know the answer to that question is no.  It was difficult on the spur of the moment but I had a beautifully constructed critique in my head by the time I got home ......

I tried to only say positive comments in my wee stint as a judge.... that's why I ran out of things to say.