GB Cup judging in Isle Steps

Sat 7 Feb 2015 9:30am

<p>7, 8 &amp; 9 Feb - all the usual volunteers required please.</p>


Sorry - I will be photographing Hungary eagles this week!

Not too hungry I hope!


I will be available likely - (while Mick photographs Eagles!)

Submitted by gordon-rae on Sat 6 Sep 2014 8:04am

I can take care of the catering

Change of plan ! - I can help :-) 

Should be available


I can help

Submitted by les-fraser on Sun 14 Dec 2014 3:02pm

I can help on Saturday - possibly Monday if needed

me too

Submitted by ian-newton on Tue 16 Dec 2014 7:50pm

I'm also available.

Submitted by john-mcvie on Wed 7 Jan 2015 1:59pm
Definitely available, John

Sorry John, not available - prior engagement elsewhere. Hope everything goes well; good luck to the Dumfries entry.

I can't do this one I'm afraid - I have been told.

Submitted by ian-newton on Tue 27 Jan 2015 8:10pm

The above is a lie - I can do the Monday.

Submitted by ian-newton on Tue 27 Jan 2015 8:11pm

I can help if required.