The Great Christmas Quiz

Wed 17 Dec 2014 7:30pm

<p>Change of programme as Leigh Preston has been ill.</p><p>Bring useless Christmas presents for our big charity raffle.</p>


And useful ones too! It would be a good idea if they were all wrapped - makes it more interesting and 'pot luck' as to what your prize is. The aim is to have sufficiently many prizes so that everyone who buys a ticket is guaranteed to win at least one prize - not necessarily a big one, but something to take home, or not (much chocolate is eaten on the night).

Funny prizes are also welcome - it all adds to the fun of the night.

Unfortunately, I'm away that night. However, Maybeth Jamieson has volunteered to run the charity raffle; so it's in good hands.

There are only nine big sleeps until the Great Christmas Quiz.

If anyone would like to bring their contributions for the charity raffle this week, there will be a box at the back of the room for suitably wrapped valuable / silly / useful or unidentifiable prizes.

Thanks again John for a great quiz night. Always good fun, even when you're brain has turned to mush and you can't remember the simplest of answers!

Big thanks to Gordon for organising the meal & to John for another great quiz night. Hope everyone has a good Xmas & a very happy new year.

Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets and donated prizes.  You raised an impressive £150 so please post suggestions for charities we could support.

Well done with all that went into organising the raffle Maybeth. Good stuff.

Can't take any credit.   The raffle seems to run itself and Catherine had organised the tickets.

Yep, a big thanks to both John and Gordon from me too - although a stewards enquiry required about the sudden 30 point lead the winners had!! ;o)

We suggest The Salvation Army, Dumfries,  Terry & Joyce.

Yup, thanks John and Gordon. My suggestion is - Dumfries canine rescue (for the poor wee dogs not getting Christmas dinner this yr) :-( 

Excellent evening John and Gordon. Well done guys. Great fun and lots of work involved in making it a big success. Stop whingeing Mr Findlay - you were well and truly gubbed (and that was with losing half our points on the celeb round 'cause we didnt realise you needed first names too!)! Big thanks to Edmund for waking up in time to answer that that bird was a cuckoo - that was the turning point for us! 

Turning point! More like triple points!!!

It's only a game Ian ... but we won it... :-) :-) :-)

I'll second jo's suggestion for the Dumfries canine rescue centre for the money raised.

I like that idea too i.e. feed the doggies!

Submitted by ian-newton on Thu 18 Dec 2014 4:14pm

Thanks to John, Gordon and Maybeth - great evening.

Canine Rescue - good cause

A great evening , Thankyou to John and everyone else involved.

Don't be too sorry for the doggies. There are thousands of refugee children in Syria with no roof, no clothes and no food. UNICEF are doing what they can and we could contribute to UNICEF

I'm with Edmund - the Syrian kids need all the help they can get.

Submitted by les-fraser on Wed 24 Dec 2014 3:05pm

Hate to disagree with Edmund but I feel that the dogs would be likely to benefit from a donation and I have serious reservations about donations to some big charities reaching the people in need.

Submitted by ian-newton on Wed 24 Dec 2014 4:02pm

Personally, I would prefer a smaller, more local charity where even our few pounds will make a difference.

Cheers everyone, and esp. Rod as that's one of the main reasons I proposed the dumfries canine rescue, cos it's local and we could actually see what our money was spent on etc... Merry christmas 

Don't forget The Salvation Army, Whitesands, Dumfries. They help local needy people and this is our choice. Joyce and Terry.