Wed 4 Apr 2018 7:30pm

Your chance to judge the entries for these two competitions.  Two trophies are at stake.

We cannot open the online Tombola entry again without a lot of unnecessary work.  Bring them on a stick with a one word title and you can enter them on the night.

If we have time, we will look at the Borders Digital Challenge pictures - where we came Second.

Gracefield Arts Centre
28 Edinburgh Rd


Is the Lochmaben Trophy a print competition and how many entries can I put in?

Submitted by anne-tait on Thu 15 Mar 2018 7:28am

It's for a panel of prints - either three or four.  Club members vote for their favourite panel and individual photograph.

Thankyou I will get to work on some pictures for this.

Submitted by anne-tait on Thu 15 Mar 2018 7:37pm

Do we need an individual title for each image and an overall name for the panel?  If so, does this go on back of each image or where?  I assume if members are judging this, some form of identification is required?

The panels and photos will just be identified by numbers and letters on the night so that they are anonymous - as far as possible.

Sounds good. Thank you.

I regret that we have been forced to cancel the Pairs Competition because too few "advanced" workers volunteered to take part.  We will try to do something else for those who put their names down during the Summer.

Congratulations Hazel on a very convincing and very well deserved win in the Lochmaben Trophy. I think your panel is some of the best work that you have produced.

Here, Here, well done Hazel beautiful work

Thanks for the encouraging comments.

Submitted by hazel-marr on Thu 5 Apr 2018 8:06pm