Opening Night - A Visit From Dublin Camera Club

Wed 25 Aug 2021 7:30pm

As part of their 75th Anniversary celebrations, four Dumfries members were invited to give talks at Dublin CC last season.  In return, we are delighted to welcome a quartet of Dubliners presenting landscape, abstract / minimalist, travel and general pictorial images.  It promises to be a great start to the season!

Zoom presentation.


That was a fascinating opening night.  Great variety of styles and subjects delivered with Irish charm.

Enjoyed it a lot.

Visitors to the Photography Show can also book to take part in the practical workshop: Wabi-sabi - the art of imperfection. The workshop teaches about the Wabi-sabi concept which is about finding beauty in things that are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Applying this concept to photography allows photographers to see and create images in unconventional ways. Join Alex and Jane from London Photographic on Saturday 18th September at this unique workshop to learn the skills to create images that show the beauty that can be found in imperfection.

From now on, I will profess Wabi-sabi every time a judge doesn't appreciate my artistic vision.