Men v Women (Photography) Battle

Wed 12 Feb 2020 7:30pm

Hugh Bryden will judge this fun competition.  One print from each team will be shown together and Hugh will choose a winner.  The team with most successful images will win.

Please bring a maximum of three prints on the night or to an earlier Club meeting.  Team captains Simon and Maybeth will make the final selection but, if you bring any prints, you are guaranteed to have an entry.  No trophy - just bragging rights!

Gracefield Arts Centre
28 Edinburgh Rd


Club Draw To-night

If you can't win with your print you might just have more success in the draw - fresh sheet, £1 a go.

Thank you Hugh for a very pleasant night with interesting comments, not to mention the good results.

Not worried about the result - it was a great evening, very refreshing to have someone comment on our photographs who isn't a camera club judge - a very different perspective indeed.

Couldn't agree more Mick.  Hugh brought a very different eye to the images; sometimes focussing on the emotion and story of the photo or noticing small details that 'made' the picture for him.

The random selection of photos threw up some challenging, and amusing, pairings too!