Wed 26 Sep 2018 7:15pm

.....EARLY START!!.....

A fun night of photographic treasure hunting not to be missed! Teams of 5 each head out with a bonkers list of collectables that will translate to points (or not!) on the judging night. Rules will be given out on the night.

Gracefield Arts Centre
28 Edinburgh Rd


Have you checked the weather forecast for Wednesday?

Strong winds and heavy rain!

Thanks Ronnie and yes we've noticed that too. We're probably going to swap this event for the week after but we were just holding off to see the forecast today. We'll post a bulletin if we change the programme.

Club Draw to-night.

Last week's draw was won by Simon Allen. So, a fresh draw on a fresh sheet.

£1 a go, thanks and Good Luck.

Thanks to Ian and John for organising the Treasure Hunt.  Results, involving the interiors of many Dumfries hostelries, will be on 24th October.  That night will also have the judging of the Lochmaben Trophy and the President's Challenge.  

Good fun last night - thanks to Ian and John for organisisng it.