the constitution

1. Name

The name of the club will be Dumfries Camera Club

2. Objectives

The object of the club shall be to facilitate the enjoyment of the art, craft and science of photography.

3. Membership

  • Membership is open, on payment of membership, to any person interested in photography, subject to conditions of the vulnerable persons policy.

Honorary members and Honorary Life members may be elected at the AGM and are entitled to all the privileges of membership except voting at general meetings, without paying an annual fee. Unless elected for life, such honorary members shall be subject to re-election at each AGM.

The AGM shall have authority to appoint an Honorary President and Honorary Vice-presidents, who shall not by virtue of that office be entitled to a seat on the Executive Committee or to take part in the management of the club

4. Subscriptions

  • The club season usually runs from late August until late May each year
  • Changes to subscription charges should be agreed at an AGM or EGM. 
  • Annual subscriptions are due at the start of each season. 
  • Any member failing to pay by 31st October may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be deemed to have forfeited membership.

5. Management

a) The management of the Club is vested in the Executive Committee, comprising of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, Immediate Past President and other elected or co-opted members. 

  • The Executive Committee shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting.
  • Any club member, including Honorary and Honorary Life members are entitled to stand for election.
  • The office of President may not be held by the same person for more than two years consecutively
  • An Honorary Auditor shall be elected at each AGM 

b) Meetings of the Executive Committee

  • Meetings will be held as often as is required for the smooth running of the club.
  • More than 50% of the Executive Committee members personally or virtually present for an executive committee meeting shall form a quorum.

c) Powers of the Executive Committee

  • The Executive committee shall be responsible for the general management of the club.
  • The Executive Committee shall have control of the finances of the club, and is authorised to open and manage bank accounts in the name of the Club. Procedures to manage any accounts shall be determined by the Committee.
  • The Executive Committee shall appoint roles, including convenors of sub-committees, required for the running of the club. The convenor shall have the power to co-opt other club members to those sub-committees. 
  • In the case of an equality of votes at any meeting of the Executive Committee, the chairperson shall have a casting vote in addition to his/her vote as a member. 
  • The Executive Committee may co-opt members to the committee until the next AGM. 

6. General Meetings

Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting will be held near the end of each season.

Extraordinary General Meeting: An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee, or by the secretary if requested to do so, in writing, by ten or more members.

a) Notice.  Ten days notice of any General Meeting must be given to members stating time, date and venue.  The accidental omission of, or non-receipt of such an invitation by any member shall not invalidate any resolution passed at a general meeting.

b) Quorum. More than 50% of the membership personally or virtually present at a General Meeting shall form a quorum

c) Motions. 

  • Any member wishing to submit a motion to a General Meeting shall give notice thereof in writing (including email) to the Secretary not less than seven days prior to the date of the meeting.
  • All amendments must be relevant to the motion and any question as to relevance shall be determined by the Chairperson.
  • The proposer or seconder of an amendment that has been rejected by a General Meeting shall not propose or second any further amendments to the original motion, except with the sanction of the Chairperson.

d) In the case of an equality of votes at any General Meeting the Chairperson shall have a casting vote in addition to his/her vote as a member. 

e)The minutes of the last General Meeting shall be open to inspection by members at General Meetings 

7. Amendments to constitution

No addition or alteration to these rules, except for minor corrections and clarifications, shall be made except by a General Meeting. Notice of any proposed amendment or addition must be given to the secretary in accordance with the provisions of clause 6c above. 

The constitution should be available on the club website.

8. Complaints

Any complaint against a member shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee who, after giving the member an opportunity to be heard in answer thereto, may dismiss the complaint, or may caution, suspend or expel the member.

9. Dissolution

The Club may be dissolved only by the consent of three-fourths of the members present (in person or virtually) at a General Meeting called for the purpose. 

In the event of closure of Dumfries Camera Club the executive committee shall ensure that all the assets shall be passed on to other non-profit making organisations.

Revised 2021

Review due 2026